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Feature freeze.


Attention all developers.  I have finally committed the environment
variable configuration dialog (although I named it the "Path
Configuration" because the term environment variable is apparently too
scary) so we are now in feature freeze.  This means if you want to add a
new feature or change any functional behavior you must run it by the
developers list first.  This includes me as well.  The only thing I'm
aware that's already in the pipe line at the moment is the footprint
wizard that Orson is working on so that can be committed without approval.

Please test the path configuration editor to make sure it is robust for
the stable release.  I did not do anything too fancy in the wxGrid
control used in the editor so the grid editing will be very basic.
Also, I kept the default wxGrid tab key behavior which means you will
have to use Ctrl+Tab to perform the default action which is the OK
button.  I also created a warning dialog using wxRichMessageDialog when
an externally defined environment variable is modified.  I'm not really
thrilled with the appearance of this dialog so I will most like roll my
own version that will look a bit like our exit dialog but feed back
would be appreciated.  This also means that KiCad will no longer build
against wxWidgets 2.8 for anyone out there still clinging to that version.

Now that we are in feature freeze it's time to take stock on what is
going on in other areas such as documentation and nightly builds so I
will be sending out additional topic specific messages over the next few



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