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Bug fixing and Coverity scan errors.


Now that we are in feature freeze, the next big task is to fix all of
our critical and high importance bugs in the bug tracker.  To me,
critical bugs are anything that causes a crash and/or data
loss/curruption and high importance bugs are memory leaks.  These must
be fixed before release.  Everything else is medium, low, or wishlist
and do not need to be fixed for the stable release.  It doesn't look
like there are many critical/high importance bugs that are not tagged as
fix released.  However, I'm not sure all of the bugs that are
critical/high importance have been tagged correctly so we need to make
sure nothing has fallen through the cracks.  We also need to tagged any
of the these bugs as fix committed if they have been fixed.

All Coverity scan errors with a high impact need to be address.  If they
are false positives, please mark them as such.  I still see some
resource leaks in there so those should be given priority.  All other
errors can be fixed when convenient.

I would like to have at a minimum of one month after the last of the
these issues is resolved so users can test to make sure there are no
other issues lurking just beneath the surface.

Thank you everyone for your hard work.  Hopefully we can make the stable
release happen sometime around the middle of the year.



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