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Stable Release.


If there is any reason not to roll out the stable release tomorrow,
speak now or forever hold your peace.  I will roll it out tomorrow
evening assuming there are no serious bugs between now and then.  If you
have any last minute bug fixes, please submit or commit them.

If you have any developers that need to be added to the credits in the
about dialog, please make list with the authors name and email address
and send them to me directly to avoid posting email addresses to the
mailing list.  I will add them to the about dialog before I roll out the
stable release.  Please keep in mind that credits should be given to
developers who have contributed more than just a couple of patches.

For repo maintainers, I am going to use tag "4.0.0" to tag the product
repo.  Please use the same tag so packagers only need to define a single
tag in their build scripts.

Hopefully all goes well and tomorrow we will have a new stable release.



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