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Re: eeschema grid snapping


25/10/16, 20:38, jp charras kirjoitti:
> Le 25/10/2016 à 18:15, Vesa Solonen a écrit :
>> Regarding v5 (or earlier), what about making a snap option for
>> pin-on-grid snapping instead of the cursor-on-grid? That would allow
>> easy placement of odd raster symbols on 100 mil grid.
>> -Vesa
> Do you mean pin-on-50-mils-grid snapping, regardless the actual grid setting?

Pin-on-100-mils-grid, with cursor offset by 50 mils to stay in the
center of the symbol. E.g. resistor with 300 mils between pin ends,
placed on 100 mils grid will have center in the middle of the 100 mils
grid. Still snapping to 100 mil grid only, but pin end (connection
point) snap, not cursor. I want to get rid of the 50 mil grid while
drawing to save some time and eye strain, because I still insist on 100
mils grid for everything...