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Footprint preview panel - faster initialization (Tom?)


I'm trying to speed up my new component selector, since the previous one
loaded and searched so quickly. I don't want a serious efficiency
regression in one of the most used dialogs in eeschema.

Since optimizing the column sizing cache and data sorting, the slowest
part is now loading FOOTPRINT_PREVIEW_PANEL, which has to initialize a

Tom/Orson/anyone else who knows GAL - can you think of a reasonable way
to either speed up the initialization or retain an initialized copy
between dialog invocations? I'm thinking about just keeping the dialog
in memory all the time and hiding it when not in use instead of
destroying and reinstantiating it - will this cause any problems with
GAL no longer having something to draw to? (Bear in mind I'm unfamiliar
with both GAL and how wxWidgets handles graphics here.)

If it provides any relevant information, I'm currently forcing Cairo
mode in the component selector, to avoid having to deal with graphics
support in a simple dialog (since drawing efficiency is not required).


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