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Question about VIEW_GROUP drawing


Hi, I guess this is mostly a question for Orson but maybe others could
answer also...

I'm chasing a bug that I can't figure out.  I have implemented selection of
items in GerbView, in a similar mechanism to Pcbnew where selected objects
are added to a VIEW_GROUP so they are drawn together.  The problem is, the
VIEW_GROUP is not drawn at all unless I zoom out very far!  I am curious
what could cause this.  The BBox for VIEW_GROUP is set to the maximum size,
so it shouldn't ever get culled from the draw list.  So, my other thought
was that this has something to do with caching, and when I zoom out far
enough, sure enough, I can see in the debugger that the VIEW_GROUP is now
drawn in Immediate mode, not cached mode.

I have not yet wrapped my head around the caching systems in GAL.  Anyone
know what could be wrong? I guess I'm likely just not configuring something
properly because this works fine in Pcbnew.


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