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Re: Footprint filter match behavior



On 14.03.2017 17:30, Chris Pavlina wrote:

>> The regex matcher should give you good results for "^R".

> I think people would be opposed to using regexes in the footprint
> filters. I like having them in some places as an option, but they're
> complicated for people who aren't programmers, and I don't want to use
> the combined matcher for footprint filters because I'd like to reduce
> false positives here (as a long match list is unwieldy).

Ideally we'd have the same search behaviour in all search boxes,
although I see that part selection is different from footprint selection
because the use case "same part number, different vendor prefix" doesn't
come up. Same behaviour is less surprising though.

We could give priority to results anchored on the left side, as well as
based on the left of the match in any case.


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