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Re: Differential pair skew matching fails with certain dimensions


I can repro this as well. Latest master, also Linux.

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 11:20:52AM -0700, Andrew Zonenberg wrote:
> This one is probably for Orson or Tom...
> Tested with latest code from git (on Debian Jessie), but I also had the
> issue with my old version (a few weeks old, forgot to write down the
> exact hash).
> Steps to reproduce:
> * Create schematic that has a differential pair in it
> * Set differential pair design rules to 0.21mm trace, 0.15mm space
> * Route differential pair in such a way that there's skew between the halves
> * Try to skew-match
> Expected result: overlay appears, says "too short", mouse motion adds
> meanders
> Actual result: Overlay appears, says "too short", no meanders are created
> I've had the issue with other dimensions as well, it appears that having
> trace width greater than space is necessary but not sufficient to cause
> the problem.