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Environment variables for classroom installation


Hello all

and sorry for pushing this to the dev mailing list, but I hope to get an authoritative answer from you:

I am preparing the update from KiCad 4.0.4 to 4.0.6 on the approximately 70 PCs used in our classroom installations (all Windows 7 64 Bit).

We are using a centrally managed library for schematic symbols and pcb footprints which is stored on a network share.

To make that work, the paths in the 'kicad.pro' template file and the environment variables KICAD_PTEMPLATES KISYSMOD and KISYS3DMOD are modified to point to the correct network share folders.

My test install shows that for schematic symbols a new file 'sym_lib_table' has been introduced, analog to 'fp_lib_table' for footprints. In that file a variable 'KICAD_SYS_SYMBOL_DIR' is used for path declaration, but the corresponding environment variable is not set during the installation process.

Is there any value in setting the environment variable 'KICAD_SYS_SYMBOL_DIR' (like Kicad using it if it is set, otherwise it uses the legacy kicad.pro definitions) or should I even expect interferences with the path declaration from the 'kicad.pro' template when 'KICAD_SYS_SYMBOL_DIR' is set?



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