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Re: Environment variables for classroom installation


The symbol library table is not in play yet.  It will be soon.  You
should continue to use the current schematic symbol library path search
until then.

On 3/16/2017 9:37 AM, Ingo Kletti wrote:
> Hello all
> and sorry for pushing this to the dev mailing list, but I hope to get an
> authoritative answer from you:
> I am preparing the update from KiCad 4.0.4 to 4.0.6 on the approximately
> 70 PCs used in our classroom installations (all Windows 7 64 Bit).
> We are using a centrally managed library for schematic symbols and pcb
> footprints which is stored on a network share.
> To make that work, the paths in the 'kicad.pro' template file and the
> environment variables KICAD_PTEMPLATES KISYSMOD and KISYS3DMOD are
> modified to point to the correct network share folders.
> My test install shows that for schematic symbols a new file
> 'sym_lib_table' has been introduced, analog to 'fp_lib_table' for
> footprints. In that file a variable 'KICAD_SYS_SYMBOL_DIR' is used for
> path declaration, but the corresponding environment variable is not set
> during the installation process.
> Is there any value in setting the environment variable
> 'KICAD_SYS_SYMBOL_DIR' (like Kicad using it if it is set, otherwise it
> uses the legacy kicad.pro definitions) or should I even expect
> interferences with the path declaration from the 'kicad.pro' template
> when 'KICAD_SYS_SYMBOL_DIR' is set?
> Regards,
> Ingo

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