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Re: [PATCH] Zoom to fit on empty canvas


Le 16/03/2017 à 11:21, John Beard a écrit :
> Hi JP,
> Thank for checking this. Internal units always confuse me, since
> they're always different and nothing in common can ever use anything
> to do with IUs, as they're only defined in some end executables.
> How should this be done correctly?
> Cheers,
> John

IUs are not very easy to handle, and currently I am not very happy by the way they are handled.

About the GAL layer, sorry, but I am not a GAL specialist.
However I just know this issue is serious and must be solved.

Until now, GAL was used only by Pcbnew.
Unfortunately, in a few places, I saw a conversion to nanometers using fixed scaling factor.
(A golden advice I learned when writing Kicad code: do not use a fixed scaling factor in code)

Now GAL is very near to be used by other applications.
Conversion to nanometers just by using a fixed scaling factor is therefore a bug, and from my point
of view, even in Pcbnew.
Who know: we could change one day the internal unit value. It already happened.

I just leave guys who have a good knowledge of the GAL code taking the best decision.

Thanks, John.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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