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Re: Fixing libcommon


On 03/19/2017 01:03 AM, Reece R. Pollack wrote:
> I want to accomplish two goals:
> 1. Allow the user to set the origin from which the location of all
>    objects is measured. Right now this is the upper left corner of
>    whatever Paper size and orientation is selected in the Page
>    Settings. The user should be able to set the origin to a more
>    convenient location, such as a reference point on a PCB.
> 2. Allow the user to set the positive X and Y directions from that
>    reference point. This would allow a user to display Y-axis
>    coordinates increasing from bottom to top, or decreasing as it is now.
> I want to accomplish these goals in a consistent manner across all
> editors (Schematic, Footprint, and Layout) without causing major
> revision to the internal representations.
> Could this be integrated into the work your doing to handle internal
> unit conversions?
> -Reece

Hi Reece,

What I am planning is not really related to the features you mention.
Currently we have a few files that contain multiple #ifdef
PCBNEW/EESCHEMA/etc. and is compiled many times with different
definitions, which is not the right way to go.

The final goal is to make all files compile only once. To do so, I am
moving the code parts wrapped with ifdefs to corresponding applications.
It is a refactor, without adding any new features.

We had a plan for another refactor that could be more related to your
wishes. I can give you some details, if you are interested.


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