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Flip around X or Y axis?



There's a small inconsistency with the way flipping works. If you flip
text, it is flipped about the Y axis, so it remains upright, but reads
from right-to-left. If you flip anything else, it is flipped about the
X axis, so left and right are unchanged, but it is upside down.

Flipping the view is also done horizontally. This means a module flip
then a view flip does not produce the what you started with (the
module will be rotated 180).

Is there a reason for this? It was reported as a bug in 2014 and
confirmed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1374928

Changing the Flip() functions to flip x, not y, across the board would
be pretty easy, but it would obviously be a change for people used to

I feel like since I have more pixels across than vertically, flip
horizontally make more sense, and it keeps the part the same way up in
the board, and it's consistent with text and view flips.



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