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Re: [FEATURE] Component table viewer


I am very sorry about this, three mistakes in a row!

It has been pointed out that I have attached the patches in the incorrect

To prevent this I have attached a single patch for each commit. They are
attached to this email (ignore previous patches) and should be applied in
order _001 , _002.

Sorry! :)

On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 11:53 PM, Oliver Walters <
oliver.henry.walters@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> After a long break on this project I have finally rounded the edges off
> the component table viewer I have been working on.
> This is a table/spreadsheet view of all the components in the schematic,
> which allows bulk editing, grouping components, and exporting to
> Here's some screenshots of it in action:
> http://imgur.com/gallery/WUwek
> I have tried to limit the complexity as far as possible, so that it's not
> too cumbersome for users.
> Any changes you make in the table are highlighted and can be reverted
> (back to the values in the schematic).
> When you close the view, all changes are pushed back to the schematic, and
> the bulk-edit is pushed to the undo-stack as a single item (meaning that
> you can easily undo all the changes you just made).
> Please let me know of any errors or edge cases!
> Patch has been rebased to latest master at time of this email.
> Cheers,
> Oliver

Attachment: component_table_viewer_001.patch
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