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Re: Undo/Redo behavior across schematic


On 18.04.2017 21:32, David Godfrey wrote:

>> This would break complex hierarchies where a file is referenced in more
>> than one sheet.  Using separate files for each sheet actually makes
>> designs less reusable in complex hierarchies.  It doesn't make sense to
>> save the same file multiple times just for the reference designator
>> differences.
> It would also break re-usability. I I have a schematic file that
> represents an instrument amp, and use it as a sheet multiple times, I'd
> then expect to modify the schematic once and have the change propagate
> across all instances of that sheet. (eg: adding an additional filter cap)


I meant that every *unique* sheet would go to a separate file. A sheet
instance in a hierarchical schematic would reference the same file as
many times as needed.


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