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Re: Bump for arc tracks


At first glance it looks like SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN and TRACK are the points where the development clings to straight lines the most.

One could add a single variable to line segment data structures so that they could also represent arcs.


One could add a layer of abstraction so that curves and areas were piecewise constructs of whatever curve segments get implemented. (arcs, ellipsoids, spirals, splines, fractals, etc). SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN and TRACK would be lists of curve segments rather than lists of line vertices as they are now.

I'd hesitate to start anything without some support for the full picture.

On 30/06/17 21:11, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:
On 30.06.2017 11:05, hauptmech wrote:
I asked earlier this year whether there was any interest in arc tracks
and got little response.

My use case was importing altium files.

Are any of the core developers likely to accept work in this direction?

Sure, it would be awesome if someone could work on it. It's not in the
plans for the 5.0 release, although some base code for handling arc
tracks could be already written: geometry functions that we'll need for DRC:

- implement a SHAPE_ARC for the geometry library, describing a non-zero
thickness arc
- write an arc to segment collision function (see SHAPE::Collide)
- write an arc to arc collision function.


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