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Re: netlist inconsistency


As noone responded in three days I filled bug report about wrong netlist generation:

On 10.07.2017 11:27, Sergey A. Borshch wrote:
Hello developers.

I found that netlist generation has changed last year or so. My two years old project got connection errors after re-generating and re-loading netlist. This project was successfully (without any errors) created and routed two years ago.

The problem is in multi-gate components, which has some pins common to two or more gates. It can be two buffers with common Enable pin, four diodes with common anode pin or (in my case) MCU with all GPIOs shown in one gate while same pins acting as USART I/Os shown in another.

Two years ago all wires connected to those common pins in different gates had the same net name e.g. was connected together as it takes place on PCB - all routes to same pin had same net name. I suppose this behaviour was correct one.

Today's kicad netlist generator assigns separate net to every pin occurrence in gates. And at netlist loading phase only first pin occurrence is taken into account while all other connections to same pin in other gates _silently_ ignored, e.g. pin connection depends on gate numbering in package or even gates location on schematics sheet and it's edit order in time. I think this behavour is not the correct one. Any complaints?

I'll try to show it using four Zenner diodes in sot23-5 package (ESDA6v1-SC5) has common anode on pin 2 and cathodes on pins 1,3,4,5. Here is component description from netlist:
     (libpart (lib discrete) (part ESDAxx-SC5-V)
         (field (name Reference) VD)
         (field (name Value) ESDAxx-SC5-V)
         (field (name Footprint) TSOP-5))
         (pin (num 1) (name K) (type passive))
         (pin (num 2) (name A) (type passive))
         (pin (num 3) (name K) (type passive))
         (pin (num 4) (name K) (type passive))
         (pin (num 5) (name K) (type passive)))))

Here is netlist generated from simple schematics (four zenner gates with GND power component connected to pin 2 on gate C, see attachment sch1):
     (net (code 1) (name GND)
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 2) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad1)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 1)))
     (net (code 3) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad2)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 4) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad3)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 3)))
     (net (code 5) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad2)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 6) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad4)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 4)))
     (net (code 7) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad2)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 8) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad5)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 5)))))

As you can see, there is four nets (code 1, 3, 5, 7) belongs to VD1 pin 2. After this netlist loading into PCB pin 2 will be connected to GND net.

Here is netlist generated from previous schematics with pin 2 on gates A and B connected together (attachment sch2):
     (net (code 1) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad2)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2))
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 2) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad1)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 1)))
     (net (code 3) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad3)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 3)))
     (net (code 4) (name GND)
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 5) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad4)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 4)))
     (net (code 6) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad2)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 2)))
     (net (code 7) (name "Net-(VD1-Pad5)")
       (node (ref VD1) (pin 5)))))

As you can see, there is three nets (code 1, 4, 6) belongs to VD1 pin 2 and after this netlist loading into PCB pin 2 will be connected to net "Net-(VD1-Pad2)" and connection to GND will be dropped silently.

Which one behaviour is correct from developers point of view? Should I fill bug report to revert netlist generation to old behaviour or should I fill feature request to generate error message (and rise DRC error) if two unnamed nets connected to same pin in different gates and one of the connection will be dropped at netlist loading?

  Sergey A. Borshch            mailto: sb-sf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    SB ELDI ltd. Riga, Latvia