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Re: Ugly hack in LIB_VIEW_FRAME


On 7/17/2017 4:15 PM, Chris Pavlina wrote:
> The following is in LIB_VIEW_FRAME (viewlib_frame.h specifically):
>     // TODO(hzeller): looks like these members were chosen to be static to survive different
>     // instances of this browser and communicate it to the next instance. This looks like an
>     // ugly hack, and should be solved differently.
>     static wxString m_libraryName;
>     static wxString m_entryName;
> Is this a feature anyone needs? I can't see why the browser has to
> remember its list selection across instances. Will anyone miss this if I
> just make them non-static?

Given that the kiface does not actually destroy the library viewer top
level window but rather hides it, defining these variables normally
shouldn't make any difference in the behavior.  I believe this behavior
goes back to the pre-kiface days when closing the library viewer would
actually destroyed the viewer top level window.  I like the fact that
the viewer comes back to the same point as I left it.  One thing you
might want to do if you change this is confirm that the behavior of the
viewer in the stand alone mode is the same as the single app mode.  It
should be but there are some subtle differences when running apps in the
stand alone mode versus the single app mode.

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