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KiCAD with MacOS Barely Usable



Previously used KiCAD on Windows, everything worked well, even the
Just started using KiCAD on MAC OSX 10.12.6 on macbook pro 2016 with 5K
display, tried it without external display, no change, tried with low
resolution mode for the program, no change, tried reducing screen
resolution, a little better, but still supper laggy and weird.

Starting a new project and currently working in Eeschema.

It takes 0.7s to rotate an LED symbol clockwise 90 degrees, everything is
so laggy.
Selecting parts, half the time doesn't select probably because I release
too soon, the other half, very slow.

Using the scroll wheel to zoom in and out causes horrendous lags. Not only
that but somehow it ends up zooming to unpredictable levels when only 1
mouse scroll is triggered and inertia disabled, because it keeps zooming
and I move the mouse, it ends up zooming not where I was originally
pointing to zoom with 1 scroll wheel trig. For example, sometimes the zoom
doesn't stop right away so instead of zooming by 10 or 25% it goes from
0.6x to 11x, like WTFFFFFF. So the zoom completely doesn't work, useless.
Why is it that when I press CMD+scroll wheel it scrolls viewport
I have 2 scroll wheels, horiz and vert, both are scrolling horizontally.

Button tool tips take a very long time to show up, I think 2 seconds, 0.5s
-1s should be used, when you're working and need a quick reminder, 2
seconds must as well be 10 seconds.

Anyone else familiar with things I'm experiencing?


Live Long and Prosper,

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