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Re: Concept Idea for schematic page management


On 9/7/2017 5:29 AM, Bastian Neumannn wrote:
> Hi,
> I ususlly work with schematics of around 5 to 15 pages. A3 sized that
> is. Using A4 for schematics that easily bloats up to 30 pages.
> For those schematics I am not using KiCad since they are in a
> professional environment.
> Given the situation that I am currently working on a big design in KiCad
> that reaches up to 40 pages A3 it is a little bit cumbersome to keep
> track of subsheets.
> I propose to add more functionality to the hirarchy browser.
> 1. Make the widget dockable so I can easily jump between subsheets

This has been attempted before with one of the library editor toolbars
and it did not work very well.  wxAuiManager has some issues at least
with wx 3.0.2.  I have not tested this with 3.0.3 or 3.1.  You can work
on this at any time as it has no impact outside the UI.  For the time
being 3.0.2 is the preferred wxwidgets version as it is available on
every platform that I'm aware of.  I am unwilling to bump the wxwidgets
version until 3.0.3 is universally available.  You are certainly free to
experiment with any newer version of wx to see if they work any better
than 3.0.2.

> 2. Have empty sheets that do not have to be placed on the schematic for
> stuff like:
>   - Table of contents
>   - Block diagramms
>   - Change History & Reviews
>   - Additional Information

This requires a schematic file format change which is not going to
happen until after the new schematic file format is implemented.  There
is a file format spec on the mailing list somewhere.  This will not
happen until the upcoming v5 release.

> 3. Have the ability to change the order of the sheets. Since I might add
> one later on and don't want it to be at the end of the list

Sheet (page) numbering is part of the new file format so you could
leverage that for sheet ordering.  If you are thinking of something
other than this then it is something outside the file format (UI
specific) then I would prefer that you store it outside the schematic
file, possibly the project file.

> Here is an inclomplete mock up of what a big schematic for a mainboard
> could look like.
> Inline-Bild 1
> I am looking for more ideas on what to change. I think some of the
> changes will have a big impact so we better talk about a concept beforehand.
> Cheers,
> Basti
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