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Concept Idea for schematic page management



I ususlly work with schematics of around 5 to 15 pages. A3 sized that is.
Using A4 for schematics that easily bloats up to 30 pages.

For those schematics I am not using KiCad since they are in a professional

Given the situation that I am currently working on a big design in KiCad
that reaches up to 40 pages A3 it is a little bit cumbersome to keep track
of subsheets.

I propose to add more functionality to the hirarchy browser.

1. Make the widget dockable so I can easily jump between subsheets
2. Have empty sheets that do not have to be placed on the schematic for
stuff like:
  - Table of contents
  - Block diagramms
  - Change History & Reviews
  - Additional Information
3. Have the ability to change the order of the sheets. Since I might add
one later on and don't want it to be at the end of the list

Here is an inclomplete mock up of what a big schematic for a mainboard
could look like.
[image: Inline-Bild 1]

I am looking for more ideas on what to change. I think some of the changes
will have a big impact so we better talk about a concept beforehand.


PNG image

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