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A question about development environments for Kicad...


As a new addition to this group I have a question. What are the prevalent dev. environments used by the primary Kicad developers. This might seem an inconsequential query, but I have a good reason for asking. As far as I can discern (and I am hoping you guys can help clear this up for me) the current project structure doesn't seem to lend itself to the normal edit, build, debug cycle. At least as far as I can tell. The built executables won't execute in place with them in their corresponding project directories...that is to say, Kicad will execute but it can't instantiate eeschema because it can't find all the libraries. I am currently performing a make install, to a local directory, to keep from corrupting my working installation, and I can debug from there but I can't edit interactively since the embedded .elf code isn't the original source. Can someone clear this up for me?

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