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Re: GitHub Plugin (my nemesis)


Honestly, I think KiCad should not manage library downloads by itself. If
this is a feature people want to use, it should be developed as a plugin.
This way multiple plugins can exist that support different use-cases, like
downloading plugins from git, a file server or SVN.

What are the "ongoing dramas of maintaining 100+ repos"?  Maybe some of the
issues could be solved by creating a big repo that has the other repos as
git submodules?

Having the footprint libraries in different repos gives a lot of
flexibility. E.g it allows us (Productize) to pick some of the
community footprints and add them to our big Productize library repo as a
submodule. Having all the footprints in a single library would cause
conflicts with footprints we made ourselves.

For my personal use I have a couple of forks of the community footprint
libraries containing my own footprints. All the other footprints I just
checked out directly from KiCad's github or installed using the
KiCad-extras package. This makes it very easy to send small PRs when I want
to share footprints. Having a single footprint library would make things
way more heavy and inefficient (KiCad would have to load a bunch of
footprints I don't use. Git would have history on a things I don't need
history for or don't need at all. My filesystem would contain a bunch of
files I don't need).


2017-09-22 10:13 GMT+02:00 Ingo Kletti <ikletti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> Am 22.09.2017 um 09:44 schrieb Oliver Walters:
>> [...] svn has the advantage of being able to
>> pull selective directories from GitHub. You could present the user with a
>> list of which libraries they actually want to pull down
> So, just like JS (@tiger12506) I'm excited any time the git integration
> comes up for discussion.
> While I understand the initial focus on Github, it's just like Simon
> stated:
> > Why not just ask the user for a working directory and pull the
> > libraries there using actual git?
> > This has the obvious advantage, that anyone can use this not only with >
> github but also with his or her own local repository..
> Without in-depth knowledge about git vs. git-plugin vs. svn:
> Will it be possible to use another repository besides Github?
> In our case, we require our students to maintain their project on a Gitlab
> server. This server also hosts the KiCad libraries that were created for
> internal purposes. ATM, it's not possible to just pull the latest version
> of the internal KiCad libraries from inside KiCad
> And it might not just be us. I think having a proper git integration could
> ease the library handling of many users.
> In the end, a proper git and/or svn integration would also open the
> possibility to directly handle version management of KiCad projects from
> inside KiCad.
> Regards,
> Ingo
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