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Re: GitHub Plugin (my nemesis)



Am 22.09.2017 um 09:44 schrieb Oliver Walters:
[...] svn has the advantage of being able to
pull selective directories from GitHub. You could present the user with a
list of which libraries they actually want to pull down

So, just like JS (@tiger12506) I'm excited any time the git integration comes up for discussion.

While I understand the initial focus on Github, it's just like Simon stated:

> Why not just ask the user for a working directory and pull the
> libraries there using actual git?
> This has the obvious advantage, that anyone can use this not only with > github but also with his or her own local repository..

Without in-depth knowledge about git vs. git-plugin vs. svn:

Will it be possible to use another repository besides Github?

In our case, we require our students to maintain their project on a Gitlab server. This server also hosts the KiCad libraries that were created for internal purposes. ATM, it's not possible to just pull the latest version of the internal KiCad libraries from inside KiCad

And it might not just be us. I think having a proper git integration could ease the library handling of many users.

In the end, a proper git and/or svn integration would also open the possibility to directly handle version management of KiCad projects from inside KiCad.



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