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Re: [PATCH] Multilayer keepout zones



I have a minor issue with your patch set.  What is your rationale for
assuming if a zone is on more than one layer that it is a keepout zone?
I'm not sure that this would always be valid.  There is already a
"keepout" keyword in the list of board file keywords for just such an
occasion.  Wouldn't it be better to use the "keepout" keyword rather
than make assumptions about zones based on what layers they are on.
This is also not very human readable without some serious knowledge of
the pcb file parser.



On 9/25/2017 9:09 AM, Oliver Walters wrote:
> Attached is a patchset that allows keepout zones to "exist" on multiple
> copper layers. This means you can specify a keepout zone for the entire
> copper stack (or parts thereof).
> Features:
> If a keepout zone is specified as multiple layers, the .kicad_mod file
> output is adjusted slightly, it will write "(layers F.Cu In1.Cu B.Cu)"
> e.g. instead of "(layer F.Cu"). If a single layer is selected, it saves
> as it would have previously.
> Rendering is working in legacy and GAL and seems to work as expected for
> various combinations of layer visibility.
> Zone cutout (where it intersects the keepout) occurs on for each layer
> that the keepout intersects a copper plane.
> DRC violations (pads and tracks inside keepout) work for all layers on
> which the keepout exists.
> Screenshot:
> https://i.imgur.com/0JHt3S8.png
> As this patch set touches a lot of files, I'd appreciate some feedback!
> My longer term idea is to integrate keepout zones into module
> (footprint) files, with the ability to select from a combination of
> a) F.Cu
> b) Inner.Cu (all internal copper)
> c) B.Cu
> Let me know if you spot any bugs or glitches!
> Oliver
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