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[PATCH] Set color picker color alpha channel to 1


Fixes lp:1718389 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1718389>. The alpha
channel of KIGFX::COLOR4D, which is used to draw the color pickers,
initialises to 0. This causes the color picker to be invisible on platforms
that support alpha channels in a wxBitmap (like macOS). This patch sets the
alpha channel of the color used to draw the color pickers to 1.

This patch also simplifies the generation of the color channel bitmaps a
bit and fixes weird scaling issue of green-blue triangle

@Jean-pierre, I’m not sure what the 0.9 factor was for, but removing it
looks a lot nicer.

Attachment: 0001-Set-color-picker-color-alpha-channel-to-1.patch
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