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Re: [PATCH] Gerbview: Zoom to selection tool duplication


Hi Konstantin,

I would rather not remove the cursor tool from the legacy canvas. Once
you select zoom to selection, the only way to revert back to the cursor
tool is to press Esc. The rest of the patch seems reasonable to me,
though I want to wait for some other comments.


On 10/01/2017 08:32 PM, Константин Барановский wrote:
> I noticed that after deleting zoom-to-selection tool from left toolbar,
> cursor (no tool) and separator becomes redundant in legacy view mode.
> Updated patch in attachment.
> It removes zoom-to-selection tool from left toolbar and hides cursor with
> followed separator in legacy mode. When GAL canvas is active the cursor,
> mesurement tool and separator is shows at the top of the toolbar.
> 2017-09-30 22:16 GMT+03:00 Константин Барановский <
> baranovskiykonstantin@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Gerbview has "Zoom to selection" tool present on both toolbars (left and
>> top).
>> Attached patch removes it from left toolbar, so "Zoom to selection" stay
>> present beside other zooming tools.

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