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Symbol library table update.


I just pushed the latest symbol library table updates to
 Everything (library editor, symbol chooser dialog, symbol viewer, etc.)
now uses the symbol library table for access library symbols except for
the schematic rescue code.  I had to leave the schematic rescue code as
is in case a final rescue had to be performed before the remapping to
the symbol library table.  Please test it if you get some time and let
me know if you find any issues.  It's going to be disruptive enough even
if I haven't broken anything which is highly unlikely given the amount
of code that has changed.  There are only a few things left to do:

Refactor the schematic rescue code so there is one that uses the current
libraries and one that uses the symbol library table.

Remove all of the legacy libraries from the project file after
successful remapping.

Remove the legacy library management dialog.

Any other code that someone else is working outside the master branch.
I'm mostly thinking about the Eagle schematic plugin.

Hopefully I will finish up the schematic rescue code this weekend.  I'll
probably hold off on clearing the libraries and the project management
dialog until after this is merged into the master branch and it gets
wider testing.



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