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Re: Symbol library table update.


Le 06/10/2017 à 21:23, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
> I just pushed the latest symbol library table updates to
> https://code.launchpad.net/~stambaughw/kicad/+git/kicad-dev/+ref/remap-symbols-to-sym-lib-table.
>  Everything (library editor, symbol chooser dialog, symbol viewer, etc.)
> now uses the symbol library table for access library symbols except for
> the schematic rescue code.  I had to leave the schematic rescue code as
> is in case a final rescue had to be performed before the remapping to
> the symbol library table.  Please test it if you get some time and let
> me know if you find any issues.  It's going to be disruptive enough even
> if I haven't broken anything which is highly unlikely given the amount
> of code that has changed.  There are only a few things left to do:
> Refactor the schematic rescue code so there is one that uses the current
> libraries and one that uses the symbol library table.
> Remove all of the legacy libraries from the project file after
> successful remapping.
> Remove the legacy library management dialog.
> Any other code that someone else is working outside the master branch.
> I'm mostly thinking about the Eagle schematic plugin.
> Hopefully I will finish up the schematic rescue code this weekend.  I'll
> probably hold off on clearing the libraries and the project management
> dialog until after this is merged into the master branch and it gets
> wider testing.
> Cheers,
> Wayne

Thanks Wayne.

I had to make a small change to compil eeschema.
Attached my (minor) change.

I did not make a lot of test.
I did not see issues, but just the project sym_lib_table is not read when opening the project.
(However it is written when I add something)

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS
 eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic.cpp | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic.cpp b/eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic.cpp
index b42b7c5..ce753fb 100644
--- a/eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic.cpp
+++ b/eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic.cpp
@@ -1214,7 +1214,7 @@ void DIALOG_EDIT_COMPONENT_IN_SCHEMATIC::UpdateFields( wxCommandEvent& event )
     SCH_COMPONENT copy( *m_cmp );
     std::list<SCH_COMPONENT*> components;
     components.push_back( &copy );
-    InvokeDialogUpdateFields( m_parent, components, false );
+    InvokeDialogUpdateFields( GetParent(), components, false );
     // Copy fields from the modified component copy to the dialog buffer

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