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Re: [FEATURE] Array 3D models


Hi Oliver,

I'm sorry not to be on your side for this option...

1) for which kind of modules this array is applicable?
I see only pin-headers straight and angled...
for example box headers are not easily done unless you consider to manage by the code the box for each model 2) the problem related to the big 3D library dimension will not be covered unless for some little family that can be managed by this on the fly generator

As I already suggested, the issue with the huge 3D github library can be managed in a different way: 1) give the kicad users only a basic 3D library (i.e. most used smd and th families) 2) give an option to pcbnew to automatically create a list of the missing models needed for a project and collecting only them through a wget process...

This will give a very low downloading band need and will not increase the need of disk space for having all the 3D library locally, full of unwanted models.

Here a conversation of this issue:

my two-cents

On 11/06/2017 3:01 PM, Oliver Walters wrote:
To provide an option to reduce the size of the 3D model library, I have implemented an "array" feature for 3D models. A module (footprint) can reference a single model multiple times, with a dimensional offset between each copy.

(Note - just the PinHeader models are currently over 1GB! This feature lets you use a single 3D model for all pin headers or similar repetitive footprints within a certain series).


1. Specify repeat count and repeat step in x/y/z axes
2. Save / load implemented. (If no repeat option used, no extra output is generated - old files are not touched)
3. Render in 3D viewer
4. Render in raytracing viewer
5. Export to VRML (multiple references to single file)
6. Export to STEP


a. An exported STEP file will now be (possibly) much smaller as it references a single small object multiple times b. There were a couple of bugs I found where model offset units were incorrectly translated between INCHES and MM

A couple of screenshots:



Wayne verified that the file units for 3D model data are in mm - I *think* this means that there was previously a bug regarding 3D model offset, where the scaling factor in the file was interpreted as inches when exporting (e.g. to STEP)

I believe I have fixed this bug - confirmation would be great.


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