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Re: [FEATURE] Array 3D models



I really like the idea of downloading models on an as-needed basis. This
will be a lot of work to implement (but I think it could be done).

This patch is not intended to be the final solution for the libraries
issue. I would still support a move to download models as needed

On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 2:22 AM, easyw <easyw@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Oliver,
> I'm sorry not to be on your side for this option...
> 1) for which kind of modules this array is applicable?
> I see only pin-headers straight and angled...
> for example box headers are not easily done unless you consider to manage
> by the code the box for each model
> 2) the problem related to the big 3D library dimension will not be covered
> unless for some little family that can be managed by this on the fly
> generator
> As I already suggested, the issue with the huge 3D github library can be
> managed in a different way:
> 1) give the kicad users only a basic 3D library (i.e. most used smd and th
> families)
> 2) give an option to pcbnew to automatically create a list of the missing
> models needed for a project and collecting only them through a wget
> process...
> This will give a very low downloading band need and will not increase the
> need of disk space for having all the 3D library locally, full of unwanted
> models.
> Here a conversation of this issue:
> https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-library/issues/1532#issuecomment-341707706
> my two-cents
> Maurice
> On 11/06/2017 3:01 PM, Oliver Walters wrote:
>> To provide an option to reduce the size of the 3D model library, I have
>> implemented an "array" feature for 3D models. A module (footprint) can
>> reference a single model multiple times, with a dimensional offset between
>> each copy.
>> (Note - just the PinHeader models are currently over 1GB! This feature
>> lets you use a single 3D model for all pin headers or similar repetitive
>> footprints within a certain series).
>> Features:
>> 1. Specify repeat count and repeat step in x/y/z axes
>> 2. Save / load implemented. (If no repeat option used, no extra output is
>> generated - old files are not touched)
>> 3. Render in 3D viewer
>> 4. Render in raytracing viewer
>> 5. Export to VRML (multiple references to single file)
>> 6. Export to STEP
>> Notes:
>> a. An exported STEP file will now be (possibly) much smaller as it
>> references a single small object multiple times
>> b. There were a couple of bugs I found where model offset units were
>> incorrectly translated between INCHES and MM
>> A couple of screenshots:
>> https://imgur.com/a/EOwPh
>> Testing:
>> Wayne verified that the file units for 3D model data are in mm - I
>> *think* this means that there was previously a bug regarding 3D model
>> offset, where the scaling factor in the file was interpreted as inches when
>> exporting (e.g. to STEP)
>> I believe I have fixed this bug - confirmation would be great.
>> Cheers,
>> Oliver
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