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Re: [REQUEST] Default library install location


On Thu, November 9, 2017 00:12, easyw wrote:
>> I think it's a far more risky that a user makes accidental changes to
>> the bundled library. Simple users should not need to touch it, and
>> should rather copy or make a new part.
> so if a user wants to add a missing parts to his/her library he/her needs
> to save it to a different location, close the i.e. fp editor, copy with
> administrative privileges the fp to the Admin folder and restart the sw to
> use it? I don't think other sw are using this procedure...

No, the workflow would be as follows:

1. User opens a bundled library from /usr/share

  * editor shows "read only"
  * so user knows he can't edit this library directly

2. User uses "Save as.." to save a modifiable copy either in the project
folder or in his ~/.kicad/library folder (or on the company file server if
configured in the path).

  * Editor can now edit and save the file because it's not read-only anymore
  * KiCad will use the search path to let the newly saved library override
the bundled one.

So no admin-privileges or restarts required. It's a pretty normal
workflow.. no KiCAD dialogs or assistants are required. It's like unix
config files -- don't like the defaults of /etc/bashrc? just copy it to
~/.bashrc and edit away!

Thomas Kindler