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Symbol library table merged.


I finally got the symbol library table changes merged into the
development branch of KiCad so be prepared for some pretty significant
changes in the way symbol libraries are handled both from a user and a
developer perspective.  Also be prepared for a massive amount of
complaining about the change.  I wrote a blog post for the KiCad
website[1] with all of the pertinent information you need to know before
you remap your schematic symbols.  If users have any questions, please
point them to blog post.  One thing I didn't mention in the blog post
(although I may add it) is the component (now symbol) chooser dialog
took another performance hit.  The default global symbol library table
contains all of the symbol libraries of which there are over 90 so the
symbol library load time shot up significantly when using the chooser.
The Eeschema load time actually go better since like the footprint
library table, symbol libraries are now loaded on demand so only the
libraries that contain symbols in the schematic get loaded.  The rest of
them get loaded as required.  If you find any issues please file a bug
report and include a copy of the project files and symbol libraries (if
possible) prior to the remapping that are causing the issue so I can fix

This should be the last major change except for the new symbol library
manager before the feature freeze of the stable 5 version.  Thank you
for your patience during this transition and enjoy.



[1]: http://kicad-pcb.org/post/symbol-lib-table/

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