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Re: pcbnew Append Board functionality not always available


Le 11/11/2017 à 03:01, David Godfrey a écrit :
> Hi Wayne,
> Replying to this particular response as your email didn't arrive on the list for me, Simon's did though.
> I completely understand about not wanting to rush into enabling it, I just wanted to raise it to the
> surface of the teams attention again as it's probably the 3rd or 4th time it's come up recently that
> I've seen and I don't see everything ;-)
> Regards
> David Godfrey

AFAIK, the reason this option is enabled only in stand alone mode is the fact when Pcbnew is run
from a project, there is a close link between Eeschema, Cvpcb and Pcbnew.

For instance:
- Cross probing
- Export/import a netlist from Eeschema to Pcbnew
- And obviously, the board is expected to be closely related to the schematic

Once a board is append to the current board, this link has no meaning, and even break the new board.

In stand alone mode you do not have this link.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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