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[RFC] redesign of Library Table dialog


Dear colleagues,

Now that we have the new library table system in the schematic editor
(may thanks Wayne!), we also have the library table dialog to configure
the tables.

For many users - including myself - these dialogs are a bit too complex.
 A few days ago I asked the Polish Kicad community of what users find
annoying and the complexity of the library manager window was heavily
criticized. The main points were exposing too many advanced functions
straight away (such as special configuration options for each plugin)
and requiring the user to type in the library paths by hand or paste
them instead of selecting the files with a browser. Currently I prefer
editing the lib-table files by hand instead of using the GUI.

I believe that the introduction of the new library system into eeschema
is a good chance to consolidate the library management UI and improve
Kicad's User Experience. In the attachment, you'll find the example
design of simplified library setup dialog, with some remarks and
comments. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!


PS1. I haven't started coding yet - this is just a mockup.
PS2. The current library table dialog will remain accessible if the user
selects the 'show advanced options' checkbox - so if some of you prefer
the current UI, it's not going to disappear :)

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