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Stable 5 branch status


There are a few outstanding crash bugs that need to be fixed before we
can consider branching the stable 5 release.  Here is the list of
unresolved crash bugs that effect the development branch:


As soon as we get these fix and assuming no new crash bugs are reported,
I'm fine with branching and tagging an rc1 candidate.

I also have be mulling over the way we create our version string and
think we should adopt something similar to what Joe Chen mentioned in a
previous version string discussion[1].  I propose that we use '`git
describe --dirty` and drop the date and branch name from the version
string.  Since `git describe --dirty` results in the correct version
string if the user clones a repo from a release tag, I propose that we
always use the git version string whenever git is available and only
fallback to the contents of KiCadVersion.cmake when git isn't available.
 This will require us to keep the git tags and the contents of
KiCadVersion.cmake synced.  If we do a good job of keeping them synced,
we should have a reasonable idea of what branch was used even when git
is not available.  If no one objects to this, I will make the changes.



[1]: https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg26846.html

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