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Re: Renaming headers?


On 1/8/2018 8:06 PM, Chris Pavlina wrote:
> Hi,
> Soonish, I'd like to go through and rename header files to actually
> match the names of the classes they define. It's a bit...unobvious that
> PCB_EDIT_FRAME is in wxPcbStruct.h, for instance. Now, because this
> would be a pretty large patch, I'd normally hold on until after 5.0 is
> released, but I think it'd actually be best to get this in BEFORE 5.0,
> because moving that many things around immediately after 5.0 would draw
> a line in the history through which bugfix backports onto the 5.0 series
> become difficult. The very end of the 4.0 series seems like a perfect
> place. Because it's just a (large) rename, I think it has a relatively
> small likelihood of actually breaking anything - either it compiles or
> it doesn't, no change in functionality.
> Wayne, would you be okay with this?


I'm OK with this since it's not really a code change.  I agree that it
makes more sense to do it now rather than to wait and create major
headaches when back porting bug fixes from the v6 development branch.



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