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Pads front and F.Cu visibility, possible bugs?



Another confusion arised when I was speaking to a friend. When disabling the F.Cu layer, the pads are still visible. I can understand the need to be able to disable the pads on the front layer separate from everything else, to check for things under pads etc.

What I cannot understand is why the pads are visible if I want to disable the entire front layer in pcbnew, also if one wants transparent layers, one can actually se the compositioning for the front pads and front traces, and allowing them to be different colors also seem a bit confusing actually.

I could basically change the front pad colors to look like they belong to the back layer, I know its stupid, but this seems like the kind of thing one would not want to even be possible, except maybe for pranks.


Possible bugs:
1. pads not affected by layer visibility setting
2. pads and layer compositioning even when same setting
3. pads and corresponding layer color setting

Possible solution:
1. Both layer and pads setting must be enabled for pads to render.
2. Seems hard, Dont know
3. pads and layer share color setting, not necessarily opacity setting.

Comments on these?


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