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Re: Pads front and F.Cu visibility, possible bugs?


I agree with you on this.  I don't know why the layer setting is ignored
and the pads are shown anyway but it's always been this way.  I would
rather the logic be to respect the layer setting.

On 2/7/2018 10:24 AM, Kristoffer Ödmark wrote:
> Hey!
> Another confusion arised when I was speaking to a friend. When disabling
> the F.Cu layer, the pads are still visible. I can understand the need to
> be able to disable the pads on the front layer separate from everything
> else, to check for things under pads etc.
> What I cannot understand is why the pads are visible if I want to
> disable the entire front layer in pcbnew, also if one wants transparent
> layers, one can actually se the compositioning for the front pads and
> front traces, and allowing them to be different colors also seem a bit
> confusing actually.
> I could basically change the front pad colors to look like they belong
> to the back layer, I know its stupid, but this seems like the kind of
> thing one would not want to even be possible, except maybe for pranks.
> Possible bugs:
> 1. pads not affected by layer visibility setting
> 2. pads and layer compositioning even when same setting
> 3. pads and corresponding layer color setting
> Possible solution:
> 1. Both layer and pads setting must be enabled for pads to render.
> 2. Seems hard, Dont know
> 3. pads and layer share color setting, not necessarily opacity setting.
> Comments on these?

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