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Re: UI changes for 5.0?


On 02/08/2018 07:47 PM, Rene Pöschl wrote:
On 09/02/18 01:28, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Assuming this can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and it is
consistent then I'm fine with this going into v5.  This is just cosmetic
and isn't going to break anything.  I've got a few more patches to
review and some work of my own to finish up over the weekend so I would
like to create the v5 branch and tag rc1 over the weekend unless there
are any outstanding crash bugs that I missed.  We can do cosmetic stuff
right up to the stable release.

If you want to tag rc1 this weekend, should we tag the libs as well?

Should we limit changes to the lib from that point on until the final stable release or can we still make larger improvements in that timeframe? (For example there is the idea to add pin numbers for the mechanical mounting pins of connectors which would require renaming of footprints to allow better footprint filters.)

For the libs, docs, and translations, I'm ok if we hold off tagging until the stable release if that works for you. For rc releases, we can just package these items as they stand at the moment. I would not let this drag on too long. KiCad is in pretty good shape so I'm hoping for a shorter rc period before the stable release than we typically have. Of course this all depends on how quickly we can fix any critical bugs that show up during the rc period.

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