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Stable branch update


Obviously I did not get the stable 5 branch created over the weekend.  I
was busy patch reviewing and merging.  If could get some help from the
lead developers with this, it would free some time so I could finish up
the last few things on my todo list before the v5 branch.

One issue I would like fixed before we branch is the eagle net list
issue.  This feature is going to be a very important part of v5 release
so the sooner we get issues like this ironed out, the better.  If there
is any more file/source code renaming, I would like this completed
before the branch.  Once I branch, any file/code renaming will have to
wait until the end of the v6 development so back porting bug fixes does
not become a huge headache.

I should be able to get v5 branched this weekend so going forward we
have a few bugs tagged for rc2 which I'm hoping take less than a month
to complete.  Once rc2 is tagged, that will be the UI string freeze to
give our translators plenty of time to get translations complete for the
stable release.  If you have any UI strings that need updating, please
get them in by rc2.

Thank you everyone for you continued hard work.  KiCad would not be
where it is today without all of your efforts.



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