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Hotkeys in GAL



I have a few questions about hotkeys in GAL tools:

1) Is there are reason so many GAL tools don't get hotkeys?

Very many TOOL_ACTIONS have a hotkey set to '0'. Most others that do
have a hotkey have a LegacyHotkey definition. Only a very few have the
GAL-style keys (e.g. rotate CW).

I think nearly all GAL tools should have a hotkey assignable, even if
they default to unassigned. It's quite limiting to not be able to
access some tools except by the menu. (This may mean some tools need
defences against being called even when the menu item is disabled.)

2) Is it/will it be supported to have the same hotkey for multiple
contexts? For example, say there's an AS_GLOBAL action using "G".
However, when you're in a tool mode, that could be overridden by a
AS_CONTEXT action that only makes sense in that tool.

This already sort of works, *but* the hotkey dialog does not like
duplicate keys, even when one is global and one is contextual. Can
this be changed, or is it pending removal of the legacy canvas and
hotkey system first?



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