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Branch update


I just removed the 5.1 branch so there is no need to keep it synced with
master.  That only leaves the matter of versioning.  I am tempted to go
with Simon's suggesting and just use 5.0.0 as the tag and 5.0.0-unknown
as the version string in KiCadVersion.txt.  I know this will cause
issues for users who have already installed 6.0.0-rc1-dev but I really
don't know what else to do.  Users will just have to be confused.  IMO,
the package sorting issue is more important than coming up with a
version tag to appease all users.  If someone has better idea, now is
the time to speak up.

Also, just a reminder.  If you fix a bug that exists in the stable 5
branch, please do not forget to cherry-pick it from master and merge it
into the stable 5 branch.  I don't have time to keep up with the current
commit volume so I'm going to have to depend on the original committer
to make sure the 5.0 branch is correct.  We will probably have a fairly
short 5.0.1 development period due to the severity of some of the bugs
that have already been reported.



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