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Eeschema uses accelerator key BkSp (exactly Alt+BkSp) in view menu
(View/Leave Sheet).

This accelerator works fine on Windows, and generates a warning on Linux
(and is not shown in menu)

On Linux (GTK?) the accelerator key BkSp, when used in menus must be
coded as "\t\b" and not "\tBkSp" (and the Alt+BkSp accelerator is \tAlt+\b)
(\b is the ASCII code of Back Space key).
However, On Windows, Alt+BkSp accelerator must be "\tAlt+BkSp".

I just fixed this minor issue in commit 78ab5c3f07
Can someone test this commit on OSX and see if "\tAlt+BkSp" is working?

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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