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Re: Spice simulation on macOS


Hi Andy,

On 08/09/2018 02:12 AM, Andy Peters wrote:
>> On Mar 26, 2018, at 4:30 AM, Maciej Sumiński <maciej.suminski@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Would someone running nightlies on macOS test the Spice simulator? In
>> particular, please simulate demos/simulation/sallen_key from our bundled
>> demos and see if you get warnings "Unknown model type spice2poly -
>> ignored". Testing both a self-built nightly and our official package [1]
>> would be greatly appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Orson
> The Sallen-Key demo circuit simulates as expected with the 5.0 release on macOS High Sierra.

Thank you for reporting back!

> One silly question: is there, or will there be, a standard location for Kicad to find SPICE models and libraries? The demo project has the model library (and the library for the op-amp symbol) in the project directory.

There are no standard paths for any library kind and Spice libraries are
no exception. Are you asking for a dedicated environmental variable to
set the Spice model path?


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