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Re: big changes to eeschama


Hi Tom,

Was it just the “leakage” into the frames (LIB_EDIT_FRAME and LIB_VIEW_FRAME) that caused issue, or all the dialog stuff too?

There are some issues with dialogs still to clean up (around how kill-focus validation interacts with the operation that caused the kill-focus), but they don’t seem to be causing anyone any great grief so they could probably wait.


> On 14 Aug 2018, at 18:15, Tomasz Wlostowski <tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 01/08/18 22:36, Jeff Young wrote:
>> The dialog work is pretty much done.  There was a recent refactoring to push the ComponentTree down into common so it could be used for the Footprint Editor & Place Footprint dialogs, but that should be the last of it.
> Jeff,
> A gentle reminder: I've been asking all the devs to reduce the number of
> changes to eeschema while we work on the GAL stuff critical for v5.1. I
> had quite some trouble rebasing my 2-week old code on the top of today's
> master.
> Tom