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Designer Encountering KiCad 5


Hi All-

Dave Jones from eevblog recently hosted a live webcast [1] of him trying
out KiCad v5.  For those who don't know him, Dave was a professional EE
with Altium for a number of years before moving to eevblog full-time.  As
such, it's an interesting play-by-play of an experienced Altium user with
describing his impressions of using KiCad v5.

FWIW, the video is 2hrs long, so be forewarned.  Skip the first 10 minutes
as it's a live stream, there's some setup time.  He plays to his regular
viewers, so it feels at times a bit joke-y.

That all said, he notes a number of issues with the UX that would be useful
to address.  As we get used to the software, we tend to internalize our
workarounds and it's interesting to see someone document how they try to
work with the software before the workarounds.


[1] http://youtu.be/qpw9dKxL2Ho?a

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