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Re: GAL canvas strategy - testers needed!


Le 06/09/2018 à 18:34, Tomasz Wlostowski a écrit :
> On 06/09/18 18:18, jp charras wrote:
>> Attached, a small patch that fixes a few minor compil warnings, and
>> re-enable calls to draw symbols items in wxDC canvas for printing
>> purpose, making printing working again.
> Hi JP,
> Orson's close to finishing cairo printing support - so very soon we'll
> have new printing engine in eeschema.
> Tom

Hi Tom (and Orson)

This is really a good news. When printing boards with Pcbnew:
- On Linux, the wxDC used in printing is really broken on GTK3 (this is
not really a news: I never see printing on Linux working well)
- But on Windows, postscript drivers (including PDF drivers) are also
broken: tracks are printed with a small thickness (thickness=0 ?)
- I do not know what happens on OSX.

Perhaps the new printing engine will fix these issues on Windows (in Pcbnew)

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS