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Re: Missing zone segments


Am Mo., 15. Okt. 2018 um 17:29 Uhr schrieb Jeff Young <jeff@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hmmm... I note looking at the code that we do read the old segment count
> and if it’s <= 24 we use a 0.02mm acceptable error and if it’s greater than
> 24 we use a 0.005mm.  We could put a high/low resolution setting back in
> the dialog (and write out 16 or 32 to keep from having to change the file
> format).
> Or we could just use a 0.01mm error for everything.

I'd really like to avoid a fixed, unsettable tolerance on this.  If you
open demos/sonde xilinx and look at the knockout around R13 (bottom of the
board), you'll see the issue.  There are 16, very visible segments around
the knockout for the through-holes there and the user can no longer adjust
them away.

Do you (or other interested parties) have objection to my moving some of
the settings behind an "Advanced Settings" button?  Part of this would be
to focus the dialog on common options and part of this would be to open up
space in the dialog for visual indicators of what the settings are.


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