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Re: Is snap-to-grid zoom-level dependant?


Am 2018-10-20 10:12, schrieb Jeff Young:
I built up a pretty big board (at least for me) over the last week
with 6.0.  No major issues.

The most annoying one is that when moving objects with ‘m’ and then
the arrow keys, it can move on the wrong axis if I’m zoomed out a bit.
 If I zoom in far enough to see the lowest level of grid dots, it
works correctly.

Is this because the arrow keys are snapping to screen pixels as well
as the grid?  If so, can we remove that part?

Hi Jeff-

Assuming you are talking about snapping graphical items and not routing, the snap distance is defined in terms of screen distance. So if you are zoomed out, your move will more easily snap to nearby items.

I think that if a user is using the keyboard, they expect exact movement along the grid with no snapping to items. However, I think the user should still see the "snapped" circle when they move over the exact snap point.


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